7 Points of View


1. A key element of any writing is point of view. (If you aren’t certain about the differences between first, second, and third-person point of view, read the article at this link. If you’re confident in your knowledge of points of view, then continue on to the exercise.)


2. Write at least 250 words in first person POV. Make sure that though there is only one narrator, there is more than one character in whatever you’re writing about. By the end of your piece of writing, the reader should have a sense of some sort of tension or conflict in the narrator’s life.


3. Now switch to the POV of another character in the scene. Write another 250 words (at least) from their perspective in first person POV.


4. Now switch again. Continue the piece of writing from third person POV. Write at least 250 words.


5. Switch again. Finish the piece of writing in 2nd person POV. Write at least 250 words.


REMEMBER: This should all be one piece of writing. Whatever situation you set up in the first part should continue and be developed through the rest. The changes in points of view, though, will spin things around a bit…

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