13 Finding an Image


1. Go somewhere where you can sit and stare for at least ten minutes.


2. Sit and stare for at least ten minutes. (Try for longer!) Try to stare in only one direction and at only one thing. Don’t do anything but stare. (Well, you can blink when necessary…)


3. Immediately after you finish staring, write at least 600 words about what you stared at. Keep your pen moving or fingers typing. Challenge yourself to keep writing. It doesn’t have to be good writing. But do challenge yourself to delve into the details.


4. Set this writing aside. Come back to it at least 2 hours later — preferably at least 24 hours later. Read it over. Think back to what you were staring at. Now write at least 500 words of more careful writing about what you saw and the experience itself.

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